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February 01, 2011


Yorick von Fortinbras

I can't rest unless I've "finished". For me, finishing is nearly the most important thing. Sometimes I will finish just so I can start all over again. I've left only one piece of work unfinished in my life and it was a painting that was taking forever because it had so many colors and so many little pieces to paint...I should go finish that. Thanks for the reminder...

David Wahl

I agree with you YvF. Finishing is far more rare than people realize. One of my friends and I came up with a term for those folks. We call them 75 percenters. They are sometimes amazingly talented and driven, but they never get to the end of a project. A somewhat talented 100 percenter will always win over a genius 75 percenter.


If something is not finished, it surely is not done, so writer with unfished work is not a writer. He is just a person who writes. And that goes for all projects, not only art. I guess most of people belong into 'unfinishing group'. Am I right or right?

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I fear that when I finally finish the ultimate goal since I became a poet/writer; that's it, my mission is complete...I hold onto life by procrastination?!


This is a great example of many creatives that don't know how to finish something. It is such a shame that the whole world is missing these creative pieces.

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