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June 29, 2007


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i just saw him mentioned in ARTnews this month:


David Wahl

Thanks for the link!

In person, his paintings are really powerful. Sly, funny, complicated and powerful.


Dear Mr. Wahl,

Did you know that many of Kehinde Wiley's paintings are not executed by him? Often they done in studio work shops in places as far away as China. The craft that you admire so much, perfect as it may be, is simply the vehicle to deliver Wiley's message. The message is powerful and is the true substance of Wiley's art. The point is, never confuse craft with art. A necktie may be well made but it is not art.

David Wahl

I did not know that. It wasn't in any of the literature. Considering there was also a Warhol exhibit, I should have been more careful.

Still, the paintings are powerful. I was just admiring the craft in addition to the message. The fact that they are well done by a random artist to communicate such a powerful message is interesting, but doesn't diminish the power.

If the painting was terrible and had the same subject matter, it wouldn't carry the same weight.

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