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April 21, 2007


skip wallace

A suburban mom is raped by two mob teens. She gets revenge by inventing a life where she finds and kills them. I saw movie about 1986


i'm looking for a movie, i dont know what its called but if i can remember its a 80's romantic comedy. Its about 2 teenage boys in high school. One of them has a crush on one of their teachers. So they build an time aging machine to make them older. The one that has a crush uses it to make him older. It works. He gets a job at the school and becomes closer with the teacher. Eventually the school and the teacher get suspicious of him and the police are called. He runs home to use the machine to go back to when he was a kid. The teacher looks in through the window and see's him. When he goes to school the next day, she has used it to make herself young so they can be together, and his friend has used it to become the teacher.

Anna Marie Rosenberg

I need a title to the following plot:

A Mexican American family in WWII receives a telegram from the army that their son has received the medal of honor postumusly (their limited English the word postumusly means nothing) excitedly they prepare for his homecoming. But when the day of his arrival the railroad authorities inform them all they have for them is his body is and coffin.

Anna Marie Rosenberg

I need a title for the following film.A Mexican American family in WWII receives a telegram from the army that their son has received the medal of honor postumusly (their limited English the word postumusly means nothing) excitedly they prepare for his homecoming. But when the day of his arrival the railroad authorities inform them all they have for them is his bodyand coffin. I think Gilbert Roland was in the film.


I'm trying to remember the name of a movie -- it would be considered a comedy. At the end, the "crooks" (who you come to root for) are escaping in an airplane out of a field. Can you help?

Nicole Montijo

Hoping to get info on a movie I saw about 20 some years ago. Its about 2 kids who runaway and live in a museaum and are trying to prove the authenicity of a statue they believe is by Michealangelo.


I am trying to find a book that I read in 1995. It was about 2 sisters in high school. Their parents were divorced and the sisters split up on different coasts. The older sister moves back to the east coast to liver with her sister, mother, and stepfather. And go to the same high school as her younger sister. It was a young adult fiction book. I thought the title was Sisterly Love, but I have not been able to find this book by this title. Any help would be greatly appreciated


looking for a movie from my childhood. Forgot the name, It's about a young native american boy from the city, goes to visit his grandpa out in the reservsation, granpa buys him a lame horse ( i think a palomino) he takes it up in the muntains to some spring with healing powers. he connects with his heritage and then some white horse thiefs steal him and a bunch of other horses, he goes and messes up the bad guys native style gets his horsey back

Jorge Lemus

well i saw this movie in my childhood. its about a poor kid who likes this girl since childhood but are in two social classes. when they grow up he tries to win her love but the girls mother or aunt wont allow it. she tells her daughter to lead him on and then break his heart any help?


I only have a vague recollection of this film's plot but it has a woman in her attic with her child/children looking at old photos and reminiscing about her high school days and choosing between her boyfriend and the teacher she has a crush on. We don't know which one became her childrens father until the end when we discover she ended up the teacher. It is a black and white movie perhaps from the 50s? Any help would be great.

Cathy Barker

seeking movie - takes place abroad (maybe Italy, there's a game of Bocce in it)Young,beautiful blonde wife of older man has affair with American (Navyman?). She kills her husband to be with him. American has no idea. She's arrested at the end


i am trying to find a film where the hero's girl is arrested as a witch ,stripped and imprisoned,ithink it may have oliver reed in the cast,and is set in the times of the inquisition, decameron? the devils?


I'm looking for a movie that I saw long ago. I cannot remember the title nor the actors in it. All I remember is that in the movie the grandfather has had a stroke and can't talk and the grandson ends up in a brothel and at the very end the grandfather is sitting on the front porch with his "girlfriend" and he is finally able to talk again. If you have any idea what movie this is or might be, please advise. Thank you.


I am looking for an old movie I saw long, long time ago. I do not know the title or the actors' names. I only have some images in my mind. the plot is something like a young guy who is going to die of an unknown disease. The press publish his sad story and people start sending money for him to travel around Amrica. He goes to several cities and he is a hero. People welcomes him in every city with flags and music. When the date for his death arrives, the diagnose was wrong and he doesn't die. Everybody is angry to him and thinks he has cheated America with a sad story.
If you happen to know the title or the name of the actors, it should be of great help to me. Thank you for your help.


I'm looking for a movie where the hero is a rally driver who is in love with his girlfriend, who is assumed dead in a car rally crash, but is actually pushed into the future. He then finds himself in a neighborhood in the night. he takes a taxi where the driver asks for his sports watch claiming it to be an antique. He goes to an old friends place who is now an old man and finds his way to his girlfriend who is still unmarried but she is a top beurocrat or something in a future government.


I am trying to remember a book I read that has to be 10 or 15 years old (at least). The details are fuzzy to me now but I remember that it involves a group of teens that get stranded in an evil carnival/boardwalk. They're there because one of the girls was in a relationship with the "evil" guy who is described as gorgeous(so I think he made them come there or something). I want to say his name is Seth or something but I might be wrong. As they search for him, some of their members disappear in various ways and on rides and such. Some disappear on a love boat ride. Another one in a cave. And one of the characters is turned into one of those wooden wizard games. I also remember that the main girl confronts the evil boyfriend in a cave. Any help would be greatly appreciated since it's driving me crazy. Oh, and it's definitely not R.L. Stine. It was a lot more mature and dark.


I am looking for this movie i saw on tv one night. It was like 2:00 in the morning and it was on some station like AE or something but i only saw part of it. From what i could gather it was about a boy (16-18 years old) who found a girl (around his same age). she either ran from a mental institution or from her parents when she found out that they were going to send her to one or she just ran away from home. People thought that she was crazy, but she realy was not. And the boy must take care of her in his room or dorm with some of his friends. he's in an all boy's school or something (or maybe an all boys mental institution). I remember one scene where they go to a fair and hangout. I think that there was something about her feeling guilty about a boy she was with because he drove the car they were in off a bridge and she got out but she felt bad because she did not try to help him and he died. I also remember at the end the her parents found her. and the boy and girl and all their parents met at a hospital or the institution. and the parents try to take her away and his parents try to take him back to were he came from, but they (the boy and girl) look at eachother and jump into the elevator at the same time and escape from the parents. the movie ends showing their car driving away from the place. If you know or have ANY ideas of what i'm looking for i will be forever greatful to you if you tell me. Thank you for reading. Please tell me if you have ANY ideas weither it's the title or an actors name, or even more about the story. Thanks, Nicky


dear anna marie rosenburg,

I might be able to help you if you could provide any more info on the movie. I have seen LOTS of comedy crime movies. Post a comment if you have any more info.


Hey Bobbie,

i migh be able to help you if you could provied any more info. Or even an actors name. Nicky

Ginger Lee Frank

Okay. I think this was a historical period film, probably by an Eastern European director. All I remember is one of the characters, who may have been kidnapped and imprisoned in a castle, amuses him self with a peculiar form of abusing himself: he constructs a small puppet stage which he places atop himself while lying down and costumes his erection, inserted into the stage setting, as the main actor in various self directed plays. Has any one got a clue what this disturbing bundle of celluloid could have been? P.S. It's not animation (so not Svankmajer).


i rember watching the beggining of this movie several times but no more and i've always wanted to know what it is it begins with a family taking a road trip when a service station owner gives them the wrong directions deliberatly the find themselves in a ghost town when there car breaks down they go into a house the son finds some skins on a wall and the mother finds a tape of a panicked woman who explains that around 50 years ago there car also broke down and her family members are disappearing one by one and shes the last then she screams and the video cits out.By accident entirely this is the furtherest i've ever gotten up to. If anyone knows this movie could you please give me a name i'd really like to see the end. Thanks!!

Jim Woodhouse

I am trying to find a movie I saw many years ago. Van Heflin starred as a Captain of a German U-Boat that was disguised as a Chinese junk to attack the allies.


It is a movie about masked people come to a schoolhouse at a time when bathrooms are outside in outhouses. They drag the children the end the children end up killing them.

Just me

i am trying to find a certain movie. I dont know the name or any of the actors. It takes place in a university where there is a boy that loves his best friend but she is flirting with another guy. One night he finds the girl kissing a guy in a party and he jumps from a cliff. He goes to a forest and he meets a group of boys that study in the same university and they tell him that he has to change the color of a white rose to red in order to join the group. The father of the boy told him how to do this and he was trying to change the color of the rose in the river [ i am not sure but i think its by some kind of crystals] . He is found dead in the river with burns on his body by those crystals and the police is trying to find out what happened.
I remember one scene that some boys in the group drown a member of the group in the toilet because he told someone about the boy [that was challenged to turn the rose red ]
His best friend in certain scene cuts her hair short.

pleasseeee help!




hi, I am looking for an Italian film in which a man with a bad heart (I believe it was Nero) receives a heart from a donor who is killed on a motorcycle accident. The donor was young and is a successful track runner who's dream was to run the NYC Marathon. Upon learning of the kids dream, the recipient trains and runs the NYC marathon as a way to thank him.


im looking for a movie that involved some physco cutting body parts from people that dissobeyed the 7deadly sins...his purpose for this was to make a complete body for some strange reason or another.. help me find this flick!!!


I know this is not much to go on, but, I am trying to remember a movie and all I can remember is this:
2 brothers on a road trip on bus or maybe car/truck, younger brother hurts head and older brother uses maxi-pad for a head bandage.
does this remotely ring a bell?


Hi, i'm looking for a book i read a long time ago, its was green hardback, and part of the storyline was a god/demon being caught in a ketchup bottle, it was all about old demons, i think it had a plane crash in it too, it had buildings falling down and people being crushed by the sheets of glass, i know it sounds like a horrible book but it was also awesome, i would love to know what it was!!


I am looking for the title of a movie i saw a while back. I never got to see the ending and i wanted to. I don't remember the cast name all I remember is that I think Katherine Heigl comes out when she was between the ages of 9-12. She is the friend of the main girl about her same age. It is about a young girl who admires her across the street neighbor, a beautiful young blonde whose name i thing is Cherry or Cherryl. The young blone falls in love with a worker in a bowling alley. The little girl helps the blonde to sneek and see the guy. Then she gets pregnant of the guy and her mother sends her away. It is a romance moie if anybody can help me i would appreciate it


For Karina.

The film you are looking for is called "That Night" and it stars C.Thomas Howell and Juliet Lewis.


Looking for title of mystery by a female author in which a priest is found crucified by a male detective who's brother is a priest


Looking for a movie that was made somewhere between 1985-1995 i think. It was about a teenage girl who gets knocked up by some guy. It turns out the guy is a fly or some other form of insect and has the ability to take human form. Through the movie each set of parents human and insect try to tell the kids what to do. Thats pretty much all i remember from it. Some of this could be wrong, for i havent seen this movie in at least 10 years. Thanks


I'm looking for a movie where a psychopath stalks his ex-wife in a skyscraper after snatching their daughter. he plays cat and mouse with the ex and tries to kill both her and their little girl at the end. I remember there being an incenerator in the building. It came out in like the late 80s early 90s time.


For Adam, I think the movie your describing is called "the Applegates" and they were actually a family of preying mantis'


I'm looking for a movie with this plot:
In india a little 8-year old girl is forced to marry an older guy and when he dies, she's taken to a place where they locked all the widows

John Picture

I saw a movie where two men, one was blind and the other was in a wheelchair. They drove from califorina to Washington state to enter a canoo race down white warer.

NW Guy

Nicky, You may be thinking of this movie: Suzie Q


i don't remember what the title of the movie is, but i think it is a rated r horror movie. its about all these people trapped on an island with a murderer that kills everybody one at a time.

Ognjen Latinovic

Hi, I'm looking for a movie that I saw a long time ago. I don't know what it's called but it's American and the plot goes something like this: A father and his son are travelling around when their car breaks down near this small town. They decide to stay there until their car is fixed and later discover that people have this magic water which stops them from aging. They also find out that people are not allowed to live forever and are killed on their 100th birthday as a celebration of life. I think they were killed by other people throwing stones at them. I can't remember much of it but I would really like to see it again. If anybody knows what I'm talking about, please contact me.


im looking for a movie that is where like or 5 girls are in this hospital, and its a game, and it used to be the center of a terrrible disease. the girls had just come from a party and they wake up locked in different rooms on diff floors. and this voice always says like 5 rooms 4 girls 5 rooms 3 girls as each of them die. at the end the last girl likes the guy and she finds out that his grandfather owns the hospital.


Maureen- I think the book you are looking for may be part of The Forbidden Game series by L J Smith.

rita thomp

hi i am trying to find the name of a pirate movie i saw back in the 70's. All i can remember is that the young woman comes to her house which was suppose to have been empty but for some reason her bedroom smells of a strong tobacco. As she later discovers that a young handsome pirate is hidding his ship in a small cove not far from her house. As she is spying on the pirates she ends up finding out that the captin in the one who was staying in her bedroom and she makes friends with the pirates and start going out on the ship in dressed as a pirate to keep her id secret. as good romances go she ends up falling in love with the captain.
This as much as i can remember. i had thought that the movie was called the seagull's cove, or the cove. i would appreciate any help coming up with the name of this movie. it was on regular tv.


I remember watching a movie on tv ... the story goes like this ... a middle aged - wealthy man is telling the story to a young woman why he hates woman and how he killed all the women he brought with him because they were all greedy and loved his wealth ... i don't know the ending neither the characters ... any one can help ...

also can anyone help me out with some psycho rape movies or so

Mike Bridges

I am looking for a book that starts out with an old druid that writes a prophecy and gives it to a Roman officer.The prophecy is lost when Zealots ambush the romans and a lone Zelot chases a Roman soldier to a cave where the prophecy is lost until modern day.


I am trying to come up with the name of a movie. A woman and her husband move in with his mom (played by a famous blond actress). The woman is pregnant, and her mother-in-law is trying to kill her (I think after the baby is born).

S Smith

Trying to remember a film or it could of been a tv program. It is driving me nuts. remember loving it at as kid i think from the 70's. All i remember is it was si fi space adventure type thing, A few heros, think one used a bow with lazer arrows, there was a bear in it with armor. That was like a pet, realy strong as well. Something about a small metal marble that when you did something to it it became realy heavy. think i remember the bear holding a platform up with the marble on to let all the other heros ascape. Please someone help im going slowly mad trying to remember.


This is for Jess, posted | September 27, 2008 at 11:53 PM

The Indian film "Water" had that plot.


for the qustion Posted by: NW Guy | October 09, 2008 at 12:20 PM.

"10 little indians" is the US title. "And then there were none" is the UK title.


this is a response to: A suburban mom is raped by two mob teens. She gets revenge by inventing a life where she finds and kills them. I saw movie about 1986
"I Spit on your grave" is about revenge for a gang rape. Came out in 1978.

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