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February 20, 2007


Steven S. Place

I am a sleep researcher at MSU in Michigan. Ok this is just my opinion and I really don't want to stir up any biased things but what I think is that dreams can come from "upstairs", downstairs", or mean nothing. I had a dream where my father and me were on a stage and he was stabbing me with a bottle and I was running away from him. When I looked into the crowd it took me a minute but when I finally registered the faces they were dark and warped into half dead demons. Then I woke up b4 they moved on top of me it was VERY scary.. I just think it was evil dream meant to confuse you. It could also mean you feel alot of pressure of growing up and people expecting different things from you. Maybe some people have looked up to you for a long time and sometimes you just can't handle everything that's going on around you, and everything in the world. 11 years ago, only 25% of people had nightmares on a weekly basis. From our studies, today, 83% of people have nightmares on a weekly basis.

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